2015 GIA Functions & Activities


Date Functions & Activities
10-Dec-14 Annual Kickoff
23-Dec-14 GIA X’Mas Party
17-Jan-15 Clients’ Seminar
23-Feb-15 CNY Luncheon hosted by Teresa So
06-Mar-15 Award Presentation cum Quarter Boost Camp
02-Jun-15 3QTR Boost Camp
3-5 Jun-15 GIA Internship Workshop
8-10 Jul-15 GIA Internship Workshop
18-Jul-15 GIA Internship Workshop Follow Up
30-Jul-15 LUA MDRT Day
15-Aug-15 GIA Internship Workshop Follow Up
20-Aug-15 Toastmaster Club
26-Aug-16 MDRT Fellowship Kickoff
07-Sep-15 4QTR Boost Camp
9, 23-Sep-15 MDRT Fellowship
18-Sep-15 GIA Internship Reunion Dinner BBQ
19-Sep-15 Flag Day
19-Sep-15 GIA Internship Program Outdoor Activities – BBQ
24-Sep-15 Elderly Home Visit
14, 28-Oct-15 MDRT Fellowship
11, 18-Nov-15 MDRT Fellowship
12-Nov-15 GIA Bonus Power Workshop
2, 16-Dec-15 MDRT Fellowship
09-Dec-15 Annual Kickoff
14-Dec-15 PVCHK Award Banquet
28-Dec-15 GIA Seasons Greetings Party
30-Dec-15 MDRT Closing Celebration
Every Monday Monday Morning Meeting
Every Tue & Thu New Associates’ Training
Every 3rd Thu of month Sales Leaders Meeting
Every 2nd Thu of month Senior Sales Leaders Meeting
Every 1st Wed of month GIA Toastmaster Club

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